Welcome to Dataworld

Dataworld Story

In 1979 Garo Nichanian, a marketing professional who had acquired extensive professional experience with multinational corporations such as ICL,CGE, Honeywell Information Systems Computer divisions and Xerox of Canada, founded Dataworld (Canada) Inc. in view of the rapidly advancing micro technology innovations that were being introduced on the market. It started by marketing supplies and accessories to corporate customers of Main Frame Computers and dedicated word processing equipment supplies.

Soon after with the introduction of micro computers, Dataworld became a supplier to corporations and institutions as a “Value Added Distributor” and authorized reseller of IT manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco as well as other industry leading hardware and software products.

Dataworld’s reputation and growth can be attributed to our commitment to provide quality products and timely responsiveness to the customer’s needs, following an efficient business model of integrity and service to customers. These values have provided a firm foundation for their success for the past 40 years.

Our Mission

To exceed your expectations and to achieve the highest level of service and customer satisfaction for a long-term relationship. Dataworld has a knowledgeable team of accounts managers, technical and support staff dedicated to providing solutions for all your IT needs.

Dataworld’s growth and success can be attributed to the efficient business model and their commitment to quality products, integrity and service to customers. These values have provided a firm foundation for their success for the past 40 years to become one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers in Canada of IT products and services to major corporations, educational and the public sector.As a Dataworld customer you have access to extensive business development products, technical support and the most dedicated customer service.

Welcome To Dataworld

Proudly celebrating 40 years in business! Dataworld offers a vast array of IT products within your immediate reach. We sell and service a wide variety of products from major manufacturers within the following product categories:

Business & Personal Computers

Networking Equipment

Computer product high-end systems

Peripherals & related accessories

Supplies & consumables


We are proud to be an authorized reseller of Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Microsoft, Lexmark, Cisco

and other top-name software and hardware brands. For a complete list of the major manufacturers that we

supply, please refer to our Product line Card.

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